Parking app enables truck drivers to reserve parking spots in dexFreight’s network.

Sunrise, FL and Chicago, IL – July 2, 2020. dexFreight, a logistics open market network for carriers, brokers, and shippers, today announced it is partnering with TruckPark to make an advance truck parking reservation and payment available to its truck drivers and carriers. TruckPark is America’s fastest-growing truck parking service.

“In collaboration with TruckPark, we are adding parking services into our blockchain-based logistics platform to bring truck route optimization to carriers,” said Jim Handoush, President and CEO of dexFreight. “This partnership is great for everyone in the logistic supply-chain, including carriers and now parking lot owners, too.”

For the first phase of integration, truck drivers can reserve TruckPark’s secured parking spots using dexFreight’s mobile app. In the second phase, dexFreight will utilize the parking availability as an additional optimization parameter in its machine learning-based trip planning and load selection algorithms for carriers.

“There are an estimated 400,000 parking spaces for 3.5 million professional trucker drivers in this country. And 90% of drivers frequently experience problems finding safe parking at night,” said Anthony Petitte, chief executive officer and co-founder of TruckPark. “As drivers increasingly turn to reservations systems, we’re working to open up tens of thousands of additional spaces at truck stops and independent parking facilities. Partnering with dexFreight adds value for users of our service and will help drive our continued growth.”

Chicago-based TruckPark offers the industry’s largest single platform where truck drivers can find, reserve, and pay for guaranteed safe parking in real-time. The largest region of affiliated truck parking lots is in the Midwest and Southeast, with continued expansion in the rest of the U.S. Using the app, a driver will enter an address to access a map and then view a detailed list of locations with available parking, and then pay for a space to reserve it. Parking rates vary in different regions of the country, with an average cost of $15 per night.

Founded in 2017 and expanding steadily, TruckPark works with parking lot owners to make spaces available to truckers. There are currently more than 2,500 spaces on the app and the company plans to expand across the U.S. by focusing first on states and cities with a high density of logistics activity and frequent parking shortages.

About TruckPark
TruckPark is a values-based company driven by our mission “to empower truck drivers to reserve safe and convenient parking with an unmatched experience.” Our proposition is to revolutionize the trucking industry by providing a one-stop-shop application for truck drivers, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues. More information can be found at www.TruckPark.com.

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